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Job placement in France


From 18 to 30 years old


Job placement in France

Discover our Work in France program: job placement guaranty before arrival. Thanks to our 30 year-experience in international mobility and an extensive network of 500 partner employers, we offer youngsters over 18 opportunity to have a first experience working in France. They can spend between 2 months and a year in France which allows them to improve their language skills and discover the country.

CEI entertains strong relationships with employers wishing to hire young foreign students: Work opportunities in hostels, catering or sales, All jobs are entry level jobs and accessible without special training.

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Ready-to-work service

From our office, located in the heart of Paris, our team of specialists, will give applicants all the trip and tools to start to settle in France easily.

Program Highlights:

  • It is accessible to any student with a first professional experience.
  • An interview before final acceptance to the program.
  • An interview with the employer.
  • The guarenty of a placement in a French company for at least 2 months.
  • Detailed welcome orientation at our office in Paris upon arrival.
  • Full support of CEI throughout the stay.
  • Information and list of documents needed to obtain a visa, if necessary.
  • Opening of a bank account at our bank partner office.
  • Insurance: CEI is covered by a public and legal liability to third parties insurance.


If you need a visa

We provide “Work Authorization” and issue support documents to help you get the visa form your local French embassy. Job placements may be all over France.

If you do not need a visa

We provide a letter for the ministry of work to get the “Work Authorization” and organize meetings for employers to meet students, so they may start work as soon as possible.


  • Intermediate level in French.

Price includes:

  • Job placement.
  • Insurance: CEI is covered by a public and legal liability to third parties insurance.

Price doesn’t include:

  • Personnal health insurance (mandatory).
  • Accommodation (ask CEI for housing service option).
  • Personal expenses.
  • Local and international transports.
  • Visa expences.


  • 18+ program
  • Laura - Paris office
  • +33 (0)1 40 51 11 73


Read what our juniors say

WIF temoignage

“My stay in Paris was amazing. I can’t find the words to express how much I liked it. Paris is a wonderful city and my working experience in La Chocolaterie, Cyril Lignac’s chocolate shop, went very well. The team was very nice and help me to learn French very quickly. I also had a lot of chance with my accomodation. The AEPP (student residence) is full of very friendly people. I made very good friends and this was a unique experience to live with so many different nationalities in the same home.
I miss my life in Paris so much !
Thank you with all my heart for you help and support.”

“Mon séjour à Paris était incroyable. Je ne trouve pas de mots pour exprimer à quel point ce séjour m’a plu. Paris est une ville merveilleuse et mon expérience dans la Chocolaterie de Cyril Lignac s’est très bien passé. J’y ai travaillé avec une équipe super qui m’a aidé à apprendre le français rapidement. J’ai également eu beaucoup de chance avec mon hébergement. L’AEPP (ndlr : résidence étudiante à Paris) regorge de jeunes très conviviaux. Je me suis liée d’amitié avec de nombreuses personnes. Cohabiter avec autant de personnes de nationalités différentes était une expérience unique à vivre. Ma vie à Paris me manque beaucoup. Merci de tout mon coeur pour votre aide et soutien !”

Marlies Murray 20 years old

Work in France
témoignage participant work in france

Paris, the “City of Lights” is my favourite city and that’s what inspired me to apply to the “Work in France” program. My expectation were to see the Eiffel Tower and Monalisa, to improve my French and my English, to meet new people and to get new work experience.
I experienced lot of things that can’t be bought with money. In total, I worked four times with a stay of three months each time. I worked six months on the Place de la Bastille in a big restaurant, full of tourists. I’ve worked another six months in a prestigious hotel at the center of Paris. Few minutes from the hotel there are many museums, such as the Louvre Museum. I lived at the dorm which was very well located, with a lot of space, a learning room…
I’m very happy and satisfied with the agency of Belgrade and the agency of Paris. Milana and Laura were available at any moment and answer any question. I met so many kind and friendly people.
Earning money wasn’t my goal and I got a real life experience.

Lazar Usiljanin years old

Work in France
xenia testimony france work

“The 12th January 2019 at 21:30 I arrived to Briançon, completely unaware of the joy that was still coming that day. The manager and the director of the hotel came to pick me up a bigs smiles on their faces. After one week I have already learned so much and my french is definitely improved a lot. The hotel is amazingly located in the heart of the Alps, and the working environment is simply great. Everyone is kind and in a good mood. The ski slopes are absolutely breathtaking! I feel very content here.”

“Le 12 janvier 2019 à 21h30, je suis arrivée à Briançon, complètement inconsciente du bonheur que j’allais ressentir ce jour-là. Le manager et le directeur de l’hôtel sont venus me chercher avec un grand sourire sur le visage. Après une semaine, j’ai déjà beaucoup appris et mon français s’est nettement amélioré. L’hôtel est incroyablement situé au cœur des Alpes et l’environnement de travail est tout simplement génial. Tout le monde est gentil et de bonne humeur. Les pistes de ski sont à couper le souffle! Je me sens très bien ici.”

Xenia Simola 18 years old

Work in France
france travailler cei daniela

“This year was the second time I had the opportunity to visit and work in France thanks to the Work in France program. It was the most beautiful and important period of my life, because I knew a new culture, I made new friends, I learned a new language and I visited the touristic places of Paris which I dreamed all my life. I got on very well with everyone and with them I had many exciting conversations.
This experience has allowed me to travel much more often, to teach myself how to handle all kinds of things and how to mature. I met a lot of people from different countries (which allowed me to become more open-minded) and have stayed in touch with most of them. I have become another person since I came back from France and I do not regret it!”

« Cette année a été la deuxième fois que j’ai eu l’occasion de visiter et de travailler en France grâce au programme Work in France. C’était la période la plus belle et la plus importante de ma vie, car j’ai rencontré une nouvelle culture, je me suis fait de nouveaux amis, j’ai appris une nouvelle langue et j’ai visité les endroites touristiques de Paris dont j’ai rêvé toute ma vie. Je me suis très bien entendue avec toute le monde et avec eux j’ai eu de nombreuses conversations passionnantes.
Cette experience m’a permis de voyager beaucoup plus souvent, de m’apprendre à me débrouiller pour toutes sortes de choses et de gagner en maturité. J’ai rencontré beaucoup de personnes venant de différents pays (ce qui m’a permis de devenir plus ouverte d’esprit) et suis d’ailleurs restée en contact avec la plupart d’entre elles. Je suis devenue une autre personne depuis que je suis rentrée de France et je ne le regrette absolument pas ! »

Daniela Cernatinschi 21 years old

Work in France
work in france jesse paris

« Hey there, I’m Freddy from Germany and I’m currently 18 years old.
After I finished school I decided not to to start studying right away and to do a gap year – organised by CEI. My choice was Paris due to my love for the city, the people and since it was my goal to learn a third language.
Arriving in Paris I started working at « Cojean » near the Eiffel Tower. It’s a healthy fast food restaurant, mainly suited for business people. Since itw as my first real working experience it was very challenging for me at the beginning not only because of the language but also because of the unfamiliar tasks. But due to the extremely kind and supportive team I was working with the job became much easier and enjoyable quickly.
My tasks were varied, I was doing production, waiter, juices and the cash register.
I found that especially being cashier gave me huge benefits since I was able to interact with many people in a short period of time and therefore improve my French immensely.
The relationship with my team grew quickly, it is a very familial working climate at Cojean and we even organized activities together outside of work.

About Paris in general I can say that it is just an awesome city to work and live in. All the sights, museums, parks cafés and bars – I can guarantee you that you won’t get bored.
And especially at night the city shows its real beauty when you can see the blinking symbol of France reaching high above the rooftops.

To conclude with I can just advise anyone of you who is a considering a gap year to do it, the experience and the amount of independance that you are priceless. »

Frederik Jesse 18 years old

Work in France