The current sales and reservation terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Centre d’Echanges Internationaux (CEI), which offers activities under the CEI banner, and the beneficiaries of the services (trip reservations and all other additional services). Each reservation of a visit entails acceptance of the general sales and reservations terms and conditions as stated hereafter. Each participant is responsible for the accuracy of information supplied to the CEI on the application form. The participant is obliged to inform the CEI at the time of registration, of any physical and/or mental handicap, medical treatment, health problem or anything else which could necessitate any additional organisation for the smooth running of his/her experience.



The Work in France Programme is aimed at students from 18 years old to 26 years old (18 years old to 30 years old for Working Holiday Visa holders). The candidate must be a full time higher education student.
To register you must return a legible completed and signed application form, a CV in French under the Word Format with a smiling picture and a motivation letter addressed to future employers written in French. The completed file (motivation letter for CEI, passport photocopy, student card copy or university certificate copy, a certified translation of the student certificate/card, ISIC card copy, full length photo, birth certificate copy translated and certified by a recognised translator and a copy of the insurance) must reach us 8 weeks before the start of your programme at the latest.
Upon receipt of your application file and deposit:
We will contact you by telephone or by Skype to discuss your application. This will allow us to assess your language skills and give you information about your stay and the various jobs possible.
Following this interview we will send you a letter, stating the details of your programme (details of chosen programme, start dates) and the invoice for the programme. The acceptance letter states that you have the level of French and the skills necessary for rge CEI to present your application to potential employers. It does not guarantee employment.


To register on a French course, you must return a legibly completed and signed application form. The completed file must reach us one week before the start of your programme at the latest.
NB: Language schools may be closed on French public holidays. In these cases, no reimbursements will be made. It is possible, however, to reschedule classes on this/these day(s) with the prior agreement of the school.


1/ You decide to look by yourself for a housing. We suggest you begin to look for one as soon as you have the hiring confirmation.
In all cases, you must have somewhere to live at least for your first week, but preferably for your entire stay. Be vigilant about the distances and transport and do not hesitate to consult the CEI in case of doubt. Pay attention to the transport at night if you work late. Employers can not under any circumstances adjust working hours to suit your home.
If you are working outside Paris, you have to spend the first night in Paris (possibly the first two, depending on your arrival time). The easiest way is to book a room in a youth hostel. You will reach your workplace the next day or two.

2/ You apply for the CEI housing service. The housing service is to be taken at the time of registration and is non-refundable. Once your job will be confirmed, we will reserve an accessible hosting from your workplace in a student residence. We can offer you accommodation only in a student residence in a shared room.
Monthly rents are between 450 € and 600 € per month. We will send you a presentation of the residence to be returned signed up for approval.
If you subscribe to the housing service, we will look primarily for an employer who provides housing. Rents in these cases are cheaper. If the employer provides accommodation, conditions will be provided with your job offer. In this case, the rent is deducted directly from wages. Note that no employer in Paris and suburbs provides housing.
By applying to the housing service, you agree to accept housing proposed by the CEI and to stay in the residence for all the duration of your stay in France and to comply with the regulations. The price of the housing service is at 140 €, non-refundable. A guarantee deposit of 300 € has to be paid at the first time of your application and will be given back after departure, except in case of damages or early leaving. If the deposit asked by the landlord is higher than 300 €, the CEI will send a new deposit invoice which has to be paid before arrival.
If you work outside Paris, you must spend the 1st night (possibly the first two, depending on your arrival time) in Paris, in a youth hostel, booked and paid by the CEI.
Please inform the CEI, if you do not need the night in the youth hostel in Paris, you may have to pay for the no show.
Important information: Whatever the housing you’ll stay in, you must pay to enter the housing the first monthly rent + the guarantee deposit. The deposit may be equivalent to one month rent.
It means that for a monthly rent at 400 €, you may have to pay 800 € to enter the housing. If you do not have enough money, you won’t enter the housing. Some residences require payment of the entire stay before entering the house.The deposit is given back upon departure except in case of damages or early leaving. The amount of any repairs is deducted from the deposit.



Your application will be submitted to several employers. Check your e-mails and your voice mail, some employers may need to contact you directly. Respond to emails promptly and be motivated if they are calling you. If this happens, please let us know, we can help you prepare for your interview. After the interview, we will inform you of the decision of the employer as soon as possible.
The information you provide on the registration form and your letter addressed to CEI serves us as indication to your preferences, but we cannot in any way guarantee a place or a particular position.
The letter of acceptance, with all the information about your stay, the type of Job and date of arrival in France, will be used as a contract.
If no employer will hire you, no fee will be charged. If we cannot handle your case, you will be notified within 15 days, no fee will be charged.
Once an employer has confirmed a position, we will send you a copy of the «letter of employment» and a presentation of the company and the job. You need to return the signed documents for final approval. You therefore agree towards your employer to work diligently throughout the contract provided.
After you will be hired, the CEI will provide all necessary documents to the ministry of work to apply for an “Autorisation Provisoire de Travail” (named APT) to work legally in France. As soon as received, the CEI will send the APT with an invitation letter for you to apply for a visa at the French embassy.
Administrative services of the French government are the only ones authorized to issue a temporary work permit and the CEI has no authority in this area. The administration of labour may decide to refuse an APT without the CEI to intervene.
The APT cannot be issued for more than 90 days.
CEI cannot be held responsible for delays in issuing temporary work permits and no financial compensation can be requested.
CEI cannot be held responsible for for the refusal to issue a Work Authorization.


The CEI will not deliver any APT and no student will be greeted in France if the payment has not been received.
Payments may be made by: n Credit Card, Visa or Mastercard only n Bank Transfer (below CEI bank information).
All bank charges have to be settled by the sending organisation.
The invoice will thus be increased by 20 € if expenses were not anticipated from his part.
37, rue d’Anjou
75008 Paris
Bank code: 30004
Agency Code: 02790Account number: 00010037386
Key RIB: 48
IBAN code: FR76 3000 4027 9000 0100 3738 648


Any changes after registration (ie a change of programme, accommodation, classes or postponement) must be requested in writing 30 days before the originally planned departure date at the latest.
The changes will only be confirmed subject to availability.
Accomodation programmes: if you wish to shorten your stay, you must advise us in writing, giving us 3 weeks’ notice before your departure date.


Any request to cancel a candidate application must be made by phone and confirmed in writing. The confirmation in writing must be sent by registered delivery. The cancellation will only come into effect on the day CEI receive your letter. Cancellations are only possible under the following terms:
Any cancellation of the programme made will entail the following penalties:
– Before having being hired: cancellation fees are at 50 €
– After being hired: cancellation fees are at 150 €
– After the work permit has been sent: we keep all the program fees
– In case or work permit denial: administrative fees are at 150 €
– In case or visa denial: administrative fees are at 200 €


Good conduct by the participant is necessary for the smooth running of the programme. This is why the CEI reserves the right to cancel its services without reimbursement in case of non-respect of the payment, cancellation and modification terms and conditions (early departure without notice), or for third party damage (unauthorised use of the telephone, loss of keys, damage to property…) and in the following cases:
– Non-respect of dress codes, schedules and required code of conduct during interviews and trial periods within a job or internship programme.
– A refusal to go to interviews, trial periods, a proposed job or internship without sufficient reason.
– A no show to an appointment
– Being laid off from his job
– Quitting the job
– A lack of respect of internal regulations (schedules, working conditions, dress code and discipline) of the company, school and/or accommodation. In the case of a student won’t be hired, all program fees will be refund.


The participant is responsible for Third Party damage cover under his/her own individual civil liability policy. Damage caused by vandalism and defacement remains the responsibility of the participant.


The CEI will provide a guaranteed paid job placement in France for a duration of two months to three months maximum (for Work permit holders and Visa holders). All terms and conditions in CEI brochure and application form are applicable for all candidates unless the contract specifies otherwise. In order to be effectively recruited, the CEI will arrange as many interviews necessary until the candidate is confirmed. This process generally does not require more than 3 interviews per candidate.
The CEI cannot be held responsible for career development, relationships with management or colleagues, or salary increases in the host company.
The CEI will not be held responsible for an offer not being made, as the ultimate decision lies with the employer.


Complaints must be made in writing and sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgment of receipt within one month after your stay has ended.
If the participant experiences difficulties during his/her stay, the CEI must be informed about it in a timely manner in order to be able to act appropriately and so that the participant can bring his/her stay to a successful conclusion. The CEI can be held in no way responsible for any loss or theft of luggage or personal effects which remain under the entire supervision of the participant.


The CEI reserves the right to use photos and videos taken during visits to illustrate its brochures, websites and presentation documents, unless advised otherwise by the participant, his/her parents or legal representative for minors, by mail within one month of the end of his/her stay.


In accordance with Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, relative to information technology and data protection, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data.