Visas, passports, documents required to stay in France… CEI team will help you with all the aspects of your international travel!

To go to France

  • By Plane: There is a large number of regional airports in France. Almost all destinations in France are desserved by air infrastructures.
  • By Train: France is very well served by rail infrastructure. It’s a comfortable, affordable and very eco-friendly way of transport.
  • By Car: if your driving license is registered in European Union country, you don’t need card (international insurance card) to travel in France.

Papers and documents

Which papers do you need to come to France? Before your departure in France, we recommend you to check the entry and travel requirements by contacting your proper embassy or consulate.

Documents required to stay and work in France

  • Passeports and visas: all EU/EEA citizens do not need a visa to enter France. You need a national identity card. Non-EU citizens may need a visa, depending on the length of stay and their country of origin. For more information on entry requirements in France, you can visit:
  • Residence permits: within 3 months, any stay in French territory is considered as residency and you should officially obtain a residence permit. All EU/EAA nationals don’t need a residency permit.
  • Work permit: we provide a letter for the ministry of work to get the “Work Authorization”.
  • Medical information: Before your departure in France, CEI recommends to see your doctor that your vaccinations have time to take effect.

Practical information

  • Currency: the Euro is the official currency of France.
  • The France country code 33 will allow you to call France from another country.
  • Mobile phones: if you want to keep your national mobile phone in France, you need to enable international use by contacting your operator. You can also buy a new sim card at mobile-phone shops or tobacco store.